Firefighting and rescue apparatuses / Hose pack engine

Module Hose Pack Engine 130-1/150 (KAMAZ 6520)

  1. It can work from unequipped areas
  2. High performance
  3. A large number of transported hoses

It is intended to deliver the crew, fire-fighting equipment, the equipment used to supply and pump large volumes of water, equipment for mechanized laying and removing the main hose lines to the place of fire (accident), and to carry out measures for fighting fire and recovering from an accident.

Module Hose Pack Engine is used:

  1. to supply water from open sources along the main fire-fighting hose lines, directly to nozzles and portable monitors;
  2. to supply water to fire trucks;
  3. to refuel fire-fighting trains, aircraft and other fire-fighting equipment involved in the delivery of water to the fire extinguishing site;
  4. to create the reserve of water near the fire scene, and to fill temporary artificial reservoirs;
  5. to ensure the water supply of facilities or settlements in case of accidents on water supply networks.
Chassis KAMAZ 6520
Vehicle size: length / width / height,  mm 9200/2550/3700
Gross vehicle weight, kg 26000
Diesel engine 740.51-320
Power output, kW / hp  235/320
Maximum speed, km /h 90
Length of  hose line, m 1000
Diameter of the hose line, mm 150
Type of the pump Hydraulic driven, submersible
Output power of hydraulic system, kW 150
Pump flow at the pressure of 3 bar, l/m 8000
Seating capacity, including the driver 3


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