Firefighting and rescue apparatuses / Fire engine

Fire Engine 2.5-40 (KAMAZ 4308)

  1. A spacious cab allows personnel to stand to full height inside the apparatus
  2. High-performance bronze pump used to supply fresh and sea water
  3. Comes with professional fire-fighting equipment.

A mid-range fire apparatus designed for use in cities and towns. It serves to transport the crew to the fire or a road traffic accident site, to deliver extinguishing agents and rescue equipment.

Chassis KAMAZ-4308
Vehicle size: length / width / height, mm 7500/2500/3000
Gross vehicle weight, kg 11305
Crew, incl. driver 6
Diesel engine    Cummins 4ISBe 185
  Power output, kW / hp 136 (185)
Maximum speed, km /h              90
Fire extinguishing capacity,  
  water, l 2500
  foam, l 150
Nominal pump flow, l/s 40
Nominal pump head, m   100
Crew cab type double
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