• Powered by a battery, the onboard network of the car or 220V
  • Operates in flashing mode or continuous glow
  • Comes with one or two coils
  • Glowing wire with steel core is protected from fractures
  • Length of glowing wire up to 150 meters
  • Consists of a container with control unit and coils with the glowing wire
Type of glowing wire LyTec  021
Operation modes continuous glowing / blinking
The resistance of the wire while maintaining the function of the glow
  to longitudinal stress (tension), kg 50
  to a transverse load (compression), kg 120
  the twist degrees / m 30
Glowing wire’s diametr, mm 5
The color of light yellow-green
Operating voltage, V 115
The weight of the container with the control unit, kg 6,4
Coil weight, kg. 2,6
Length of glowing wire, m 50
Operating time with internal battery*  
  in continuous glowing, h 7
  in flashing mode, h 14
Total weight of set, kg 9
Time of full battery charge, h. 24
The average operating time, not less, h 1000
Luminous flux in continuous illumination, Lumens/meter 0,56
Protection class IP 66
Operating temperature range, °С. - 40 – +55
Warranty, years 2
At 20 °C
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