Firefighting and rescue apparatuses / Fire engine

Fire Engine 2,5-40 (IVECO ML120EL22/P)

  1. The plastic superstructure reduces the weight of the apparatus and increases its resistance to corrosion.
  2. The Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) increases the quenching efficiency, while reducing the water and foam flow.
  3. The apparatus is designed based on firefighters' and rescuers' feedback.

A mid-range fire apparatus designed for use in cities and towns. It serves to transport the crew to the fire or a road traffic accident site, to deliver extinguishing agents and rescue equipment.


Chassis IVECO ML120EL22/P, 4x2
Vehicle size: length / width / height,  mm 7500/2500/3000
Vehicle gross weight, kg 11400
Diesel engine Tector 220 HP
Power output, kW / hp  160 (217)
Maximum speed, km /h 90
Water,  l 2500
Foam, l 250
Nominal pump flow, l/m  40
Nominal pump pressure, bar  100
Crew cab type double
Quantity of seats, including driver’s seat 6
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