Firefighting and rescue apparatuses / Fire engine

Fire Engine 6-100 (MAZ 631708)

  1. High versatility - the vehicle can operate as a fire engine, a foam tender and a pumping station
  2. The off-road base chassis ensures confident riding over dale and hill and / or amid destroyed infrastructure
  3. A spacious cab allows personnel to stand to full height inside the apparatus
  4. Remote control of the pumping unit and the monitor from the driver's cab
  5. High-performance bronze pump
  6. Electronic proportioning system
  7. Comes with professional fire-fighting equipment

A heavy-duty fire apparatus for extinguishing fires at critical infrastructure facilities, oil and gas complex enterprises, industrial enterprises and in large cities.



Chassis, cross-country vehicle MAZ 631708, 6x6
Vehicle size: length / width / height,  mm 9700/2550/3600
Gross vehicle weight, kg 26600
Diesel engine YMZ-7511
Power output, kW / hp  294 / 400
Maximum speed, km/h  80
Water, l 6000*
Foam tank A / foam tank B, l 500/500
Nominal pump flow, l/m  100
Nominal pump pressure, bar  100
Monitor flow, l/m 90
Crew cab type double
Quantity of seats, including driver’s seat 6
* Tank can be used for water, foam, or a pre-mixed ratio.
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